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phoniture bundle - (save $115)

Phoniture is a stylish wireless speaker, phone charger, and microphone.

Fits all smartphone styles and sizes, from the iPhone® to the larger

Samsung Galaxy Note®.

Product features:

  • High quality rechargeable wireless Bluetooth® speakers

  • USB and Micro USB Ports

  • 3.5mm audio port

  • Microphone with noise reduction

  • One year limited warranty

Bundle includes:

  • Chair - Color of your choice Black, Red or Blue – $39.99

  • Ottomon - Color of your choice Black, Red or Blue – $59.99

  • Wall Charger – Black - $19.99

  • USB Cable – Black - $9.99

  • Audio Cable – Black – $4.99

Individual Street Value of Bundle = $134.95

This item is currently out of stock.

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Introducing phoniture
The world’s most stylish wireless speaker and phone charger
listen to hours music —wirelessly

Pair your Bluetooth® smartphone or tablet device with the Phoniture ottoman speaker to listen to music wirelessly. You can also plug in your smartphone device to the ottoman directly, using the included 3.5mm audio cable connector. Recharging the wireless speaker is easy, too. Just rest the ottoman against the Phoniture chair and let the chair’s magnetic contacts add battery charge—no wires needed.

charge your phone

Smartphones of all sizes can be placed securely in the sturdy Phoniture charging chair. The cradle accommodates phones of all sizes, even those with large cases. Its textured surface ensures a safe and stylish resting place for your smartphone while it conveniently charges.

watch video at the perfect angle

The Phoniture chair is designed to display your smartphone at the perfect viewing angle to watch videos or video chat with your friends. Facetime and Skype have never been easier to use, just rest your smartphone in the charging chair. The built in microphone in the ottoman ensures crystal clear conversations.

talk using the built in microphone

The Phoniture ottoman comes with a built-in microphone to turn your smartphone into a speakerphone. When you receive a call while listening to music or video chatting, one press of a button allows you to answer and talk hands-free.

ambient nightlight

Not only can your phone rest safely by your bed at night–you can also enjoy the soft white ambient nightlight that’s built into the Phoniture chair base. An easily accessible switch turns the light on and off.

Technical details
Bluetooth® Specification: 2.1+EDR
Bluetooth® Protocol:A2.0P AVRCP
Communication Distance:≈10m
Frequency Response:100Hz-20 kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio:≥80Db
Degree of Distortion:≤1.0%
Playing Time:≈3.5Hrs
Charging Time:2Hrs
Battery Capacity:700 mA

How to get the most out of your phoniture

Charge your phone

1. Connect standard end of USB cable into AC power adapter.
2. Plug micro end of USB cable into back of armchair as shown below.
3. Plug AC power adapter into wall outlet.
4. Connect your device’s charging cable from your phone to the USB port on back of chair. Charge!


After establishing a wireless Bluetooth® connection communicate hands-free using the ottoman’s built in microphone.

Receiving a call:

1. Press and quickly release the on/off button.
2. Music will stop as the call connects.

Making a call:

1. Press and quickly release the on/off button.
2. Make the call from your smart device as you normally would.

Disconnecting a call:

1. Press and release the on/off button.

Redial last call:

1. Quickly press and release the on/off button twice.
2. Music will stop as the call connects.



Once Bluetooth® connection has been established with your smartphone, audio will play through Phoniture™ ottoman speakers.

Direct Audio Connection:

Connect one end of the included 3.5 mm stereo cable to the audio-out port of your smartphone or other audio device. Connect the other end to the audio input port on the ottoman.

Volume Controls:

To increase or decrease the volume, press and hold the volume + or volume – buttons respectively.

Song Selection:

To play the next song, quickly press and release the volume + button. To play the previous song, quickly press and release the volume – button.


Press and release the on/off button to pause. Press again to resume.


Watch videos while placing your smartphone on the armchair and listen to high quality audio via the Phoniture™ ottoman using either wireless (Bluetooth®) or direct audio connection.

Ottoman speakers


the Phoniture™ ottoman by placing it against the front of the armchair. Magnets will connect the armchair and ottoman and begin charging. Red light indicates charging, green light indicates fully charged. The Phoniture™ ottoman can also be charged separately by using the 5-volt micro USB power input port. To turn on the ottoman, press and hold the on/off key for atleast 3 seconds. The ottoman will beep and the red LED light will flash. To turn off the ottoman, press and hold the on/off key for atleast 3 seconds. The ottoman will ‘beep’ and the red LED light will turn off.


Product reviews

"You can get more out of your smart phone and I love the chair and ottoman. You can display phone at right angle and you also have a light that glows."

— Cleo B. NY

"Provides everything you need for multiple functions in an attractive, compact form. Very convenient."

— Carol B. AL

"The features are pretty cool: Bluetooth speakers, USB connection, and you can use it as a speaker phone which I love. And it's cute!"

— Kimberly

"It would provide a great way to do other things around the house while still being able to talk to friends or listen to music."

— Anna V.