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Listen to music, charge your phone, talk hands-free, browse the web or video.

why use phoniture

With Phoniture you get even more out of owning a smartphone. Together, the Phoniture arm chair and ottoman allows you to listen to music, charge your phone, make video calls and talk on your phone hands-free. Charging your phone has never been easier or more fun than this.

listen to your favorite music without wires

enjoy over 3 hours of music before gently resting the ottoman next to its chair to wirelesly recharge

Once you pair or connect Phoniture to your smartphone, the ottoman can move with you anywhere in the room while your smartphone conveniently charges in the charging chair. You’ll get over 3 hours of listening enjoyment on the portable wireless ottoman speaker before you need to recharge the battery. And that’s as easy as resting the ottoman against the front of the charging chair.

You’ll love the sound quality too. We’ve tested the Phoniture ottoman speaker against similar, more expensive wireless Bluetooth® speakers and Phoniture out performs their audio quality.

charge your smartphone safely in its stylish chair

no more wandering around the house, wondering where you plugged in your phone to charge

With the Phoniture charging chair, you’ll always know where your smartphone is, and you can always be rest assured that it’s safely charging its battery in a stable, stylish, and secure location.

talk on your phone hands-free with the built-in microphone

people will hear your every word with our built-in microphone with noise reduction

Phoniture lets you take incoming phone calls without picking up your phone from the charging chair. Just one touch of the ottoman’s power button will automatically stop any music from playing and connect you hands-free using the built in microphone. The built in microphone noise reduction ensures that your words are crystal clear, and your friends and family will always be able to hear you as you move around the room.

Phoniture offers other features to extend your smartphone functionality too. You can redial past calls from friends without picking up your phone, and move from song to song in a playlist using the volume up and down buttons.

Skype with friends or watch YouTube

display your phone at just the right angle to watch videos online or video call with friends

Phoniture’s built-in microphone and wireless speaker mean you can make a Skype or Facetime call with your friends and family without even picking up your phone from its charging chair. No need to awkwardly prop up your phone using nearby books or papers, Phoniture is built to display images at the perfect viewing angle.

YouTube and Netflix will be even more enjoyable when you use Phoniture. You’ll be able to watch your video hands-free, and the built-in ottoman speakers ensure you will hear every line of dialogue.

find your phone easily at night using the nightlight

enjoy soft white ambient lighting, courtesy of the base of the Phoniture charging chair

With Phoniture you’ll never fumble for your smartphone in the dark when you try to answer late night calls or read text messages. The charging chair comes with a built in nightlight in its base that will help you find your phone easily. The light can be easily turned on or off in the dark with an independent power switch.

Also, keeping your smartphone by your bedside in Phoniture makes it even easier to use your smartphone as an alarm clock. It’s a worry-free way to keep on schedule.

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Product reviews

"You can get more out of your smart phone and I love the chair and ottoman. You can display phone at right angle and you also have a light that glows."

— Cleo B. NY

"Provides everything you need for multiple functions in an attractive, compact form. Very convenient."

— Carol B. AL

"The features are pretty cool: Bluetooth speakers, USB connection, and you can use it as a speaker phone which I love. And it's cute!"

— Kimberly

"It would provide a great way to do other things around the house while still being able to talk to friends or listen to music."

— Anna V.